Caitlin Clark Says She’s Interested In Doing Weekly Segment On ‘The Pat McAfee Show’

Screenshot/YouTube/Pat McAfee Show

Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Caitlin Clark, fresh off becoming the Indiana Fever’s first overall selection Monday in the WNBA Draft, appeared to commit to a weekly appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show” while appearing in studio Wednesday.

Clark, who told McAfee she’ll be moving to Indianapolis in the coming days to join her new club the Indiana Fever, assured him she’d be willing to make a weekly pop-in to McAfee’s Indy-based show.

“I’m moving here in like a week,” she told McAfee. “I’ll be, like, a weekly guest on here, I guess, if you want me to.”

“Deal,” McAfee said, appearing stunned at how easy it was to secure that commitment.

“Alright … that was gonna be an, uhhh, off-screen convo but you brought it up,” McAfee joked.

“That is binding. That is binding,” he said emphatically.

It makes a ton of sense for Clark. Much has been made about her very low WNBA salary. She’ll make roughly $76,000 a year over the course of her four-year deal. But she’ll make far more than that in endorsements. She made over $3 million through name, image and likeness (NIL) while in college, according to On3.

McAfee’s show reaches millions of people daily while being simulcast on ESPN and YouTube. It’s the perfect platform for Clark to elevate her brand, which is already likely the biggest and brightest in women’s basketball history. (RELATED: ‘Be Funnier Dumb*ss’: Caitlin Clark Dunks On ‘SNL’ Castmember)

Another sporting star who elevated his brand — for better or worse — with a weekly appearance on McAfee’s show is Aaron Rodgers. His “Aaron Rodgers Tuesdays” segment became much heralded during the COVID-19 pandemic as he shared book recommendations and health tips in his early days on the show. But as his off-field stardom grew, he drew the ire of leftist scolds for bucking vaccine orthodoxies and espousing views contrary to the typical liberal.

Clark will likely not face the same scrutiny as the leftist media wouldn’t dare scold a member of a protected category. God forbid they say a bad word about their precious WNBA.