Video Shows Idiots Mishandle Bear Cubs For Apparent Selfies


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A video shared Thursday showed a group of idiots grabbing bear cubs out of a tree in Asheville, North Carolina.

The disturbing video shared by AccuWeather appears to show a group of five people pulling tiny baby bear cubs out of a tree and holding it awkwardly while they take selfies at an apartment complex in the mountain town. One of the idiots fixes her hair while holding the cub like a baby, even jumping up and down with excitement as she shows the tiny animal to an older man watching the group.

Another idiot, who looks like they’re dressed in pajamas, reaches for another of the cubs. The baby bear cub manages to escape but cannot get back over the fence to find its siblings. The footage is disturbing to watch.

One of the bears was apparently orphaned and potentially injured by the individuals, CBS News reported. North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission special projects biologist Ashley Hobbs arrived at the scene and found the cub was lethargic, limping and had a low body temperature, she told the outlet.

Hobbs arrived to find the group of people still sitting around but the other two cubs had sprinted to safety. (RELATED: Video Shows Idiot Tourists Bumrush Bear At Yellowstone)

“I confronted the offending people while at the apartment complex and explained the danger of approaching and handling wildlife,” Hobbs told CBS. “There’s always a chance that the mother is nearby and may attempt to defend her cubs. It also endangers the bear cubs. Handling a bear cub poses a risk of injuring that cub and increases the chance it will become separated from its mother.”

The cub was transported to the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge Center to be rehabilitated until it is strong enough to be released into the wild. It is unclear if the group of five disgusting idiots will face any punishment for their borderline tortuous behavior.