Bottomless Scags Pummel Each Other In Yet Another Gutter Bleacher Brawl Caught On Video


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Footage shared on social media in April shows a group of girls fighting at what appears to be a Nicki Minaj concert in Columbus, Ohio.

Videos taken from two different angles show the moment a group of girls appear to dogpile at least two others at the concert as people film and scream instead of doing something to stop it. The video starts with at least one or two girls being dragged down the stairs by her hair by one woman as another chases them down. From here, all heck breaks loose as more and more women jump in to take part in the beating.

Half of the women in the videos aren’t wearing pants, showing off their black thongs because their skirts are either hiked up or ripped off — we pray. What if they’re literally just not wearing pants to a Nicki Minaj concert? Is that a thing now?

The graphic video shows a girl with black hair punching another girl repeatedly in the head. Drinks fly as the punching and screaming continue, showcasing another disgusting example of social decline in America. (RELATED: Brutal Chick Fight Caught On Video At Morgan Wallen Concert)

We appear to be a civilization growing far less in touch with our ability to talk through situations, choosing our fists as a means of sharing our frustrations. But this is probably what happens when parents and the public school systems leave our children borderline illiterate: Of course, they choose violence over words they’ve never been taught.

The culmination of the fight looks brutal. It’s pretty amazing some of the girls survived the ordeal. And it looks like they barely did. Eventually, a man steps in to break up the brutality, thank goodness. It’s not like security showed up in time! (RELATED: Girls Get Into Nasty Brawl For Toilet Outside Morgan Wallen Concert)

The fight apparently took place at the Jerome Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio, which appeared to have banned audio and video recording during the concert, according to their website. The Jerome Schottenstein Center neither confirmed nor denied that the fight took place at their venue when asked by the Daily Caller.