Adam Schiff Forced To Give Big Talk Suitless After Luggage Stolen In San Francisco

(Photo by Josh Edelson/Getty Images)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff’s luggage was stolen Thursday during a visit to San Francisco.

Schiff’s luggage was stolen from his car while it was parked in a downtown garage, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The theft left Schiff without his typical formal attire so he was apparently forced to attend a dinner party with supporters of his Senate campaign wearing a shirt and hiking vest.

“Yes, they took my bags,” Schiff told the outlet. “But I’m here to thank Joe,” he continued, in reference to attorney Joe Cotchett who is supporting Schiff’s bid to replace the late Democratic California Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

Cotchett said that Schiff appeared unphased by the situation, acting like all was fine. Schiff noted that he didn’t wish to dwell on the situation. “Adam really showed himself tonight,” Cotchett told the SF Chronicle. “He’ll be a great senator — he’s going to change the Senate tremendously.” (RELATED: A Republican Of All People Is Throwing A Wrench Into California’s Senate Race)

Schiff is far from alone in his experience. Just one of San Francisco’s most popular tourist neighborhoods, North Beach, saw 2,500 car break-ins in the first seven months of 2023. Some residents are going so far as to leave their trunks open to avoid break-ins as crime in general soared in recent years.

Nearly half of all crimes throughout San Francisco went underreported in 2023. Some residents report taking matters into their own hands as local police departments have also become targets for criminals.

Schiff’s office did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.