The Bills Just Handed Patrick Mahomes His Fourth Ring On A Silver Platter

[Stacy Revere/Getty Images]

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The Buffalo Bills traded down from their draft slot at 28 overall in Thursday night’s draft, forking the pick over to the Kansas City Chiefs and allowing them to select the fastest wide receiver in NFL combine history.

The Bills, who the Chiefs have bounced from the playoffs in three of the last four seasons, gave up pick 28 and a fourth and seventh rounder for the Chiefs 32nd overall pick, a third and a seventh rounder.

The Chiefs then used that pick to select Texas wide receiver Xavier Worthy, ESPN reported. Worthy broke the NFL Scouting Combine record for fastest 40-yard dash time in March with a blazing 4.21 time.

I truly cannot believe Buffalo not only allowed their biggest competitor to pick such a stud but outright handed him to them. And they did so with a massive hole at receiver on their own roster after trading away Josh Allen’s favorite target Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans in early April.

Now, maybe you’re skeptical of my claim that Worthy’s selection will automatically translate to a Lombardi for Mahomes and co. That’s fair. He was, after all, the fifth receiver selected. He’s not nearly as polished as newly minted New York Giant Malik Nabers, he’s not the big-body contested catching machine that Cardinals’ selection Marvin Harrison Jr. is. But in the NFL, speed plays. (RELATED: NFL Team Spends Premium Pick On QB … What The Hell Are They Doing?)

Plus, the last time the Chiefs took a flyer on a speedy wideout that wasn’t widely heralded, it worked out pretty well …

Mind you, Tyreek Hill was a third round pick. And all he’s done is smash records, make the Pro Bowl every single year of his eight-year career, earn himself a massive contract and even garner MVP votes the past two seasons. Hill’s speed, paired with Mahomes’ cannon of an arm, made the KC offense an absolute headache to deal with day in and day out. Worthy’s jet setting burst will have the same effect.

His drafting instantly makes a Kansas City offense, who are coming off a second straight Super Bowl, even more dangerous. After trading for Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, the Chiefs now have two immediate upgrades to their previously-balky receiving core. And the Bills just let them have Worthy. Handed him to them on a silver platter.

If I’m a Bills fan I am livid at my GM. Almost every year you watch KC bounce your boys from the playoffs and you just let them have the fastest guy in combine history? Where’s the competitive spirit? Where’s the fire? Even if I didn’t like Worthy as a prospect I would draft him and bench him just to spite the Chiefs. Shame on you, Buffalo, you deserve your inevitable playoff exit at the hands of Mahomes and his squad.