New Rules Just Made Mike Tyson’s Fight A Death Match

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Robert McGreevy Contributor
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The much-anticipated July boxing match between Mike Tyson and influencer Jake Paul will be a fully-sanctioned official fight after the fighters reached an agreement with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR) to change the rules, Paul confirmed on Twitter.

The fight, which was originally slated to be an exhibition, will now be a fully-fledged professional match which will affect both boxers’ records, Paul confirmed on Twitter.

“Mike Tyson wanted it to be a pro fight. Netflix wanted it to be a pro fight. So I agreed to make it a pro fight. Winner takes all,” Paul tweeted Monday morning.

The new rules will also see the boxers bout with no headgear and 14-ounce gloves, according to ESPN. The fight will be eight two-minute rounds, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Champ’s Still Got It: Mike Tyson Shares First Training Camp Footage For Upcoming Fight, And He Looks Fearsome)

The 14-ounce gloves are slightly cushier than the 10-ouncers Tyson wore in his heyday but will pack way more of a punch than the 18-ounce gloves that were rumored to be the standard for the exhibition.

Most importantly, however, the fight will allow knockouts, a huge boon for the much older Tyson against the youngster Paul.

Add in the lack of headgear and Tyson’s first pro fight in 19 years is set to be a bloodbath … for Jake Paul.

While the majority of online chatter surrounding the fight places doubt in the 57-year-old Tyson, it’s Paul, 30 years Iron Mike’s junior, that I’ll be worrying for. Yes, he’s going to be more spry. And no, the kid is no slouch. Although most of his wins have come against other internet stars and retired pros (and former NBA guard Nate Robinson for some reason) he held his own against a legit fighter in Tommy Fury. But this is Mike freaking Tyson we’re talking about.

I don’t care how old Tyson is, one right hook from the big dog and he could put “the kid” Jake Paul to bed. (RELATED: Mike Tyson Loses Boxing Match To 3’3″ Challenger)

Paul poked fun at Tyson admitting he was nervous about the fight, appearing to quote Tyson on Twitter after Mike admitted to Fox News’ Sean Hannity he was nervous about the fight.

“I’m nervous,” Paul wrote on Twitter following the new rules news, before he ultimately deleted the virtual jab.



Probably smart for the kid to delete it. Don’t want to poke the bear. Even Paul knows that, despite Tyson’s extreme mellowing over the years, Tyson is one guy you don’t want to piss off.