You Know How You’re Bored With Bowl Games Every Year? That’s Potentially About To Change

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Could we potentially have bowl season back?! And I’m talking about REAL bowl season!

I think we all agree that collegiate student-athletes need their fair share of the pie, especially when it comes to football. And for the most part, I think we enjoy the excitement of the transfer portal. But in the process of this, bowl season is getting flat out ruined with the incredible amount of opt-outs that happen nowadays, decreasing the value of bowl games with no star talent being involved.

And even though it sucks as a fan, you completely get it from the players’ point of view. If you had the opportunity to pick between potentially getting injured or millions of dollars risk-free just waiting to get to the NFL (or making money in the portal), you’d opt-out, too. We all would. But the problem is, it kills our bowl season experience. (RELATED: ‘I Got Time Today’: Deion Sanders Hilariously Blasts Online Troll, But It’s Honestly Not The Best Look … Or Is It?)

But thank God bowl game opt-outs may become a thing of the past pretty soon, with players still getting paid as they should, according to Bowl Season director Nick Carparelli.

Carparelli stold Yahoo Sports “that he expects NIL to soon come ‘in-house’ and for athletes to sign binding compensation contracts with schools that will require them to play in bowls and CFP games, eliminating or greatly reducing opt-outs.”

We might be getting our bowl season back, ladies and gentlemen! YES!