France Steals Back Record For World’s Longest Baguette

Wikimedia Commons/Public/Judgefloro, CC0

Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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French bakers have reclaimed the record of producing the world’s longest baguette Sunday after losing the title to Italy five years ago, Reuters reported.

The French chefs managed to make a baguette that spanned 140.53 meters (461 feet), which was around 235 times the length of a normal baguette, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Seine It Ain’t So: France May Pooh-Pooh Iconic Event For Disgusting Reason)

The Italians reportedly held the previous record after making a baguette that spanned 132.62 meters (435 feet) in June 2019. “Everything has been validated, we are all very happy to have beaten this record and that it was done in France,” Anthony Arrigault, one of the French bakers, said following the approval of the Guinness World Records judge, Reuters reported.

A portion of the gigantic baguette was shared with the public at large while the what remained was reserved for feeding the homeless, according to the outlet.

The baguette holds a national place of honor among French cuisine. The food item, which is listed under United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s  (UNESCO) Intangible Culture Heritage, is considered to be “the most popular kind of bread enjoyed and consumed in France throughout the year.” France even passed a law in 1993 mandating the rules for making the iconic bread, according to Carron.

The reclamation of the record for longest baguette was a matter of national pride for the French. “A record for the longest handcrafted baguette requires true spirit and collective sportsmanship,” French Confederation of Bakers and Pastry Chefs Dominique Anract said, Deutsche Welle (DW) reported. “Bread is an engine of performance, our baguette is an essential part of our gastronomic heritage.”

The French mayor of the town where chefs toiled joined in the celebration. “Suresnes is proud to have been the scene of this record for the longest baguette in the world, which promotes a national symbol of our gastronomy as well as the artisans who perpetuate their know-how,” Mayor Guillaume Boudy said, DW reported.