AI Katy Perry Looked More Human Than Real-Life Kim Kardashian


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Katy Perry’s presence at the 2024 Met Gala was completely faked, but even the AI version of Perry was more believable than the real-life Kim Kardashian.

Tricky images that were created to look a whole lot like Perry began making their rounds on social media, Monday, making fans think she was actually in attendance at the Met Gala. Many fans bought into it, completely believing the star was there, in the flesh, but the real-looking shots were completely fake, according to TMZ. By contrast, Kardashian was really there, but wore a dress that made her waist disappear before our eyes, in a corset so tight and small that it was hard to believe she was actually human.


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Kardashian’s waist was whittled down to practically nothing in the corset. She looked sickly, and it seemed truly impossible to have a waist so tiny when the rest of her voluptuous physique poured out over the top of the corset, and the back of the dress.

The images of her barely-there waist made their rounds on social media, as a number of viewers voiced their concerns for the star’s health, and questioned her body image standards.

Kardashian’s fashion statement seemed too extreme to be true, compared to the fake Perry images that many fans actually fell for.

Several outlets re-circulated the fake Perry photos, making it seem as though the star had appeared at the highly-anticipated party, but there have been no actual confirmations of the famous singer’s attendance at the haute-couture affair. (RELATED: What Am I Looking At? Check Out These Freakshow Outfits From Met Gala)

As for Kardashian, her beauty standards have always raised eyebrows, and this event is another head-turning, forehead-scratching moment that makes us wonder if she actually thinks this is attractive.