Idiots! ESPN Makes What Has To Be One Of The Most Boneheaded Mistakes Of All-Time

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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I just don’t understand how you make THIS kind of mistake …

The game was tied up at 3-3 and the New York Rangers held a power play advantage over the Carolina Hurricanes, this with just a minute to go in regulation in Tuesday night’s Game 2 at Madison Square Garden. Sounds like pure entertainment! … So what does ESPN decide to do?

Turn off the game and flip over to PREGAME coverage of the series between the Colorado Avalanche and Dallas Stars. (RELATED: What Dreams Are Made Of: Bruins’ Brandon Carlo Has A Son And Scores A Playoff Goal All In The Same Day)


Yeah, these idiots actually did this, as we got a peep of broadcasters Mike Monaco and AJ Mleckzo choppin’ it up in Big D while missing nearly 15 SECONDS in the LAST FRIGGIN’ MINUTE!

Eventually, the feed of the Rangers-Hurricanes game came back with 32.4 seconds remaining on the clock, and fortunately for ESPN, no goal was scored and the contest eventually went into overtime.


After ESPN made moves as a company and Disney backed off the whole political thing (or at least scaled it down quite a bit), I thought things were getting better over at the four-letter network, but come to find out, this is the same dumpster fire that I’ve been watching for the past 10-15 years now. Maybe longer!

I wanna see ESPN’s books, they’ve still gotta be in the red. There’s no way you can make boneheaded mistakes like this with such a crappy roster and be profitable … just absolutely no way.

Man, I can’t get over how ridiculous this is …