Lucky Australian Teen Catches Barramundi Fish And Wins $1 Million

YouTube/Screenshot/9 News Australia

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Talk about getting lucky!

A teenager in Australia has become both rich and famous after he caught a $1 million fish in Katherine (located in the Northern Territory). If you didn’t know, Katherine is known for being where the Outback clashes with the tropics, and as a result, it features both saltwater and freshwater crocodiles. In other words, this is very, very dangerous territory. (RELATED: The 150th Kentucky Derby Brings In Record-Setting $320.5 Million In Bets)

With that being said, Katherine also has some of the best barramundi fishing in the nation, and in an attempt to boost tourism to this remote arena, a contest was created where anglers could win $1 million if they caught a tagged barramundi.

Keegan Payne, a 19-year-old, is a native of Katherine and chose to go fishing one night, and boy oh boy, what a night he chose. He ended up becoming the first person in nine years to catch a tagged barramundi, turning it in to receive a cool $1 million reward. And with it being the first fish in nine years, you better believe it was all over the Australian press.


If you don’t know what a barramundi fish is, they look like a cross between a tarpon and snook, and you could even throw a little corvina in there. They’re not native to the United States. However, we do have some down here in Florida that can be caught — in a farm, that is.

Here’s a video on barramundi for more detail:

Imagine going fishing and winning $1 million, though … crazy stuff!