Israeli Singer Eden Golan Finds Success In Competition Despite Opposition To Her Presence

(Screenshot/YouTube/Eurovision Song Contest)

Mariane Angela Contributor
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Israeli singer Eden Golan successfully managed to secure a spot in the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest on Thursday despite controversy, ABC News reported.

Amidst protests and opposition, Golan advanced to the finals of the competition. A group of pro-Palestinian demonstrators congregated Thursday in Sweden to voice their disapproval of the inclusion of an Israeli contestant in the Eurovision Song Contest semifinals. The gathering took place in Malmo, the host city for this year’s competition following Sweden’s victory in the 2023 edition, according to ABC News. Protesters flooded the streets, waving Palestinian flags and expressing their call for a boycott of Israel.

As the day progressed, a counter-demonstration emerged with Israeli supporters displaying their national flags in solidarity with their country’s participation in the event. Golan defied the odds and secured one of the ten spots in the finals Saturday, thanks to a combination of fan and judge votes, the outlet reported. (RELATED: ‘F*cking Die B*tch’: Jewish Family Harassed By Pro-Palestinian Supporters At Mall)

While Golan received boos during her dress rehearsal Wednesday, her actual performance on Thursday’s show elicited applause, according to BBC. There were no apparent signs of protest during her performance. Israel’s Foreign Ministry also expressed support for Golan on Twitter.

The European Broadcasting Union, the organizer of the competition, also took a stance last month, denouncing the harassment and attacks directed at Golan on social media, according to ABC News.