ESPN Is On That Nonsense Again Calling The WNBA ‘The Best League In The World,’ Ignores ‘The Caitlin Clark Effect’

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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The best league in the world … HA!

Hey, I get it. A company’s marketing department has to do their job, but can we at least be a little realistic?

ESPN has a commercial currently running promoting the 2024 WNBA season, however, they’re blatantly lying like they’re Kendrick Lamar. (RELATED: The Caitlin Clark Effect: Regular Season Tickets To See Her Official WNBA Debut Are A Pretty Penny)

Clearly, the four-letter network has excitement about carrying the WNBA, as they should. Mainly because of “The Caitlin Clark Effect,” there’s a ton of hype surrounding the league. We’ve NEVER seen this before. We all went from making fun of the WNBA to “well, maybe we’ll watch it for Caitlin.” Clark was selected by the Indiana Fever with the No. 1 pick in the 2024 WNBA Draft.

But like Kendrick did with his “Not Like Us,” they’re tainting their product with straight up lies, with ESPN declaring the WNBA as “the best league in the world.”

LMAO … and how do we figure that?


You wanna know how this bothers me … right now in Florida, we’re dealing with severe weather (tornado warnings and all that ish), and I’m over here irked at the fact that ESPN is calling the WNBA … *cringes* … “the best league in the world.”

What the hell are we doing?

Nothing against the WNBA, I’ll probably catch a game or two of Caitlin’s, maybe watch a little bit of my girl Kelsey Plum too, but THE BEST LEAGUE IN THE WORLD?!

Just stop it, Disney. Just stop.