ICE Detains Two Following Attempted USMC Base Breach

(REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson)

Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Two people were placed into the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on May 3 after being apprehended by the Marine Corps for allegedly attempting to break into a Virginia base, according to local reports.

During the early morning of May 3, two men reportedly attempted to breach the Quantico Marine Corps Base while driving a box truck, according to Potomac Local News. The men allegedly drove the truck up to the bases’ front gate on Fuller Road, reportedly telling guards that they were contractors for Amazon and were making a drop off to the base’s post office.

However, due to a lack of credentials and no affiliation with the Virginia base, the guards had turned the men away to a holding area to undergo standard vetting procedures. One official noticed that the driver was not listening to instructions given and instead attempted to move the truck past the holding area towards Quantico, Potomac Local News reported. (RELATED: ‘I Dial And Dial And Dial’: California’s Million-Dollar Aid Program For Illegal Aliens Bogged By Massive Calls)

Due to the alleged attempted break-in, officials put up the bases’ vehicle denial barriers and detained the two men. A spokesman for the base, Capt. Michael Curtis told Marine Corps Times on Tuesday that  “specific steps” had been taken by officers to help “maintain” the safety and security of those on the base.

“When any vehicle and its occupants fail to comply with the clear direction of the on-duty Police Officers, specific steps are taken by those officers to restrict any further access,” Curtis stated. “Those actions by our on-duty Police officers helped maintain the safety and security of all who live and work on Marine Corps Base Quantico.”

Following the apprehension of the two men, they were then placed into ICE custody, with no injuries confirmed by Curtis.

Since the incident sources relayed to Potomac Local News the base’s security has been “heightened,” as a mass email was sent out to members “urging them to be on high alert.” The outlet additionally reported that multiple sources alleged one of the individuals is a Jordanian foreign national who crossed through the U.S. southern border, with the other allegedly on the U.S. terrorist watch list, however, no information on the men has been confirmed.

The Daily Caller has reached out to ICE for a comment.