Actress Angie Harmon Sues Delivery Man Who Allegedly Impersonated Another Person Then Shot, Killed Her Dog


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Actress Angie Harmon is suing the delivery man who allegedly shot and killed her dog after coming to her door using the alias of a female delivery person.

Harmon sued Christopher Anthony Reid, who presented himself as a female driver named ‘Merle,’ for the wrongful shooting of her dog on her North Carolina property, in April, according to TMZ. She has also named the delivery company, Instacart, in her lawsuit. The actress is seeking damages over $25,000, claiming that Reid had no right to be on her property, and violated local laws by having a gun, according to TMZ.


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Court documents cite trespassing, conversion, negligence, negligent hiring, invasion of privacy, and infliction of emotional distress, according to TMZ.

Harmon claims she ordered something off of Instacart and her communication for the order was with a woman she thought was named ‘Merle.’

Legal papers filed by Harmon said she later discovered she was not talking to a lady at all, but was rather communicating with Reid, who seemingly used an alias, according to TMZ. Harmon alleged he was impersonating/passing as ‘Merle,’ and said shortly after Reid approached her home to make the delivery, she heard a gunshot and rushed outside.


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She then discovered her dog, Oliver, had been shot and reported seeing Reid place a gun inside his front pant pocket.

Harmon claimed her dog was still alive and she rushed it to the vet, where he tragically died, according to TMZ.

She claimed the police questioned Reid but closed the case without further action against him, well before a necropsy was conducted. (RELATED: Heidi Klum’s Dogs Die Under Suspicious Circumstances)

Reid claimed to have been injured by her dog, which Harmon vehemently denies in her litigation.