‘Middle Finger To Gold Star Families’: Megyn Kelly Tears Into Psaki’s ‘Lying’ Defense Of Biden’s Watch-Checking Moment

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Megyn Kelly criticized former White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday for her “lying” defense of President Joe Biden checking his watch during a ceremony honoring U.S. soldiers killed during the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

Psaki wrote in her new book “Say More” that Biden only checked his watch after the ceremony concluded, according to Axios. However, Psaki’s false claim contradicts various fact checks from Sept. 2021.

“I think what she did is so gross,” Kelly remarked. “And she’s just gross.”

“None of that is true,” the radio host said. “He checked his watch during the ceremony repeatedly, not just once during — look at this. This is while the bodies are still in front of him. He tries to slide it in there. He looks at his watch. Even his most ardent defenders at the time who tried to fact check the claims that he checked his watch had to wind up admitting, ‘Alright, he did.’”

“In fact, he didn’t just do it that once. He did it repeatedly. He wanted to get the thing over with,” Kelly continued. “He was sick and tired of having to stand there and honor the fallen soldiers at Dover.”

Kelly criticized Psaki for attacking South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem last week for claiming that she met with Kim Jong-Un in her new book “No Going Back: The Truth on What’s Wrong with Politics and How We Move America Forward.”

“She’s looking those Gold Star families in the fact and saying, ‘You lied. You put out misinformation to hurt our dear president. I’m the only one who will tell you the truth.’ She put it in her book, which she then read in audio form, and this is the same person who a week ago was out there lambasting Kristi Noem for lying in her book,” Kelly said. “At least she just lied about a dumbass meeting with a world leader. It’s a, it’s a lie that’s dumb to tell, but of no consequence. This is a middle finger to the Gold Star families, and there’s been no apology.”

Kelly said that Psaki did not reply when asked to comment by Axios before the outlet published its story, and Psaki only announced later that future reprints of her book will not contain the detail. (RELATED: ‘Why Did They Change Math?’: Megyn Kelly Discusses America’s ‘Thirst’ For ‘Normal’ People)

Kelly also went after the current MSNBC host for trying to “excuse her own lie” by evoking Biden’s deceased son, Beau, who she called “the go-to of the entire White House team whenever controversy hits.” Beau Biden passed away in May 2015 from glioblastoma, according to the New York Post. The president’s late son previously served a tour in Iraq that ended in 2009.

In March, Kelly took a shot at several MSNBC hosts, including Psaki, over their comments regarding illegal immigration. A viral clip featuring Psaki, Rachel Maddow, and Joy Reid, showed the panelists laughing at the fact that voters in Virginia placed border security and immigration as their top issue in a special election.

“There’s so much to do there, Rich. Migrant crime is not ‘a thing’ – tell it to the family of the 14-year-old girl in Campbell County, Virginia, who was just sexually assaulted by an illegal from Venezuela who’s now been arrested and charged after he crossed illegally into El Paso, Texas this past September and released into the United States by the Feds … One in four very young people has a foreign-born parent in Virginia. In Fairfax County Public Schools, roughly 20% of students struggle to speak English. Migration has completely reshaped the Commonwealth of Virginia, where I used to live as well. They laugh and sneer at their own peril. They’ll learn in November what the truth is,” Kelly said.

During a previous episode of her show, Kelly detailed how a New York City school her children previously attended is teaching children to “hate” America.

“Well, I checked in with some of my friends at those same schools still and my one dear friend has a son, who was in my younger son’s grade. So now they’re in fourth grade. So her son, she shared with me a little essay. It was like a little paragraph that her son had to do about America. I am going to read you, with her permission, what her son read, she got it home and could not believe her eyes,” Kelly stated.

“Okay, he writes: ‘The event I would teach people about is slavery. The reason I think it’s important to teach people about this event is so that we can see that America was built on black people, not on whites. Behind the scenes, it’s all blacks. The reason we have picked crops, built houses, and America is because black people did it all. The only thing white people did was take credit for work they didn’t do. As a white person, I stand with black people all the way.'”

“This is a 10-year-old boy who is not getting this from mom and dad. He’s learning this at an institution that in the third and fourth grade is trying to indoctrinate the children to hate the country and hate whites. It’s very clear ‘the only thing white’s did was take credit for it all.’ She was shocked. And I don’t believe there’ll be at the school next year,” Kelly stated.