JoJo Siwa’s 21st Birthday Was The Most Cringey, Unbearable Drunkfest

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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JoJo Siwa celebrated her 21st birthday with a drunken party at Walt Disney World in Orlando, then punished the world by sharing the clips.

Video footage of the party showed the former “Dance Moms” star stumbling and fumbling around like a cringey, drunken kid. Walt Disney World is supposed to be “the most magical place on earth,” but she destroyed it by making a fool of herself.

She posted a blubbering video to TikTok, in which she shouted, “It’s my 21st birthday… I’m drunk as fuck right now,” then proceeded to tell fans she got punched in the face. She was then pelted in the face with bread in a chaotic, pathetic display of juvenile intoxication.

She shoved her face in the camera and said, “I got punched in the eye. It hurst really bad, but I’m OK. I’m OK, I’m OK,” then mouthed, “I’m not ok!”

The dancer-turned-singer then bragged about how much booze she had.

“Here’s my liquor spread,” she said as she showed off her bottles. “Happy 21st birthday to me!”

At one point the video showed a female bartender looking exasperated by the experience as she dutifully served more drinks.


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The annoying drunkfest continued when Siwa drank around the world at EPCOT and wandered around like a lost soul amid a group of friends who seemed amused by her awkward behavior.

Musician G Flip and “The Bachelorette” star Tyler Cameron were among those partaking in the ignominious festivities.

“21st birthday was a f—in smash.👊🏼 Believe it or not I remember most of the day… and I remember having the best time with some of my favorite people. No place I’d rather have been. I’d give anything to relive this day again,” she wrote in the caption of a social media post. (RELATED: Reality Star JoJo Siwa Mercilessly Blasted For Saying She Invented New Music Genre Called ‘Gay Pop’)

If you really want to see her stumbling, singing off-key and being loud and annoying, feel free to watch the embedded videos.

You can also catch a glimpse of her going on a piggy-back ride during her drunken stupor.

Now that was a sight I’d like to unsee.