Things Are Getting Strange With This Scottie Scheffler Arrest Story, And I’m Looking Justified For My Support Of Him

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Not only are there weird circumstances surrounding the arrest, but the police officer who put PGA superstar Scottie Scheffler in handcuffs has quite the disciplinary record, including one suspension, according to employment records that were revealed Thursday per NBC News.

Bryan Gillis, a detective, arrested Scheffler during the PGA Championship while he was trying to get into Valhalla Golf Club. Police were in the middle of investigating a fatal accident nearby. As of now, we don’t know the whole story, with Scheffler maintaining his innocence and the officer accusing the No. 1-ranked golfer of not following directions. We’ll have to wait for everything to come out on that one, but holy hell, when you examine this police officer … (RELATED: PGA Stars Hilariously Mock Scottie Scheffler In Group Chat After Arrest, And Did So In Such Legendary Fashion)

We already know that Gillis didn’t have his body camera on during the Scheffler encounter, according to city officials. And we had that strange footage that came out Thursday, which the Louisville Metro Police Department released. But we also had the department releasing Gillis’ personnel records, and that’s where I’m like, woah! What on earth is going on here?

Gillis has a past history of “conduct unbecoming” for driving “an intoxicated civilian in your police vehicle” and “proceeding to doing ‘donuts’ in a business parking lot” (which he was suspended five days for), chasing “a vehicle that did not commit a violent felony or wanted on a warrant” and was “at fault” for multiple accidents, per NBC News.

This is the guy y’all wanna attack me over?!

“Andrew Powell way to celebrate a celebrity ignoring the same laws we all have to follow and putting a cop’s life in danger. You’re a real piece of sh** when you prefer a celebrity who wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire over a cop. Next time you’re a victim, call your favorite golfer you twat,” read one hate message I received.

Now look at your boy, while I’m looking completely justified for my support of Scottie.