Charlie Sheen on ‘why you shouldn’t vote for Donald Trump’

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Though Charlie Sheen seems receptive to the birther conspiracy as evidenced by comments he made during his D.C. appearance last week, that doesn’t mean he supports billionaire Donald Trump, who has become the most visible promoter of the idea that President Obama may not have been born in the United States.

According to Gossip Cop, Sheen told Floridians during a stop on his Torpedo of Truth tour that they shouldn’t vote for potential 2012 presidential candidate Trump because “The Apprentice” host exaggerated the value of a gift he’d given to Sheen.

The former “Two and a Half Men” star explained that Trump reportedly bought Sheen what he claimed to be platinum-and-diamond Harry Winston cufflinks worth $100,000. When Sheen and soon-to-be ex-wife Brooke Mueller were about to part ways, the “Wall Street” actor said he got an appraiser to look at the cufflinks. The appraiser reportedly said they weren’t platinum, they were “(expletive) tin,” adding that the diamonds were zirconias. Sheen said the appraiser estimated the present as “maybe worth $60” as opposed to $100,000.

In addition to questioning Trump’s oval office qualifications, Sheen slammed former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin during his Tuesday D.C. stint. Citing Public Policy Polling results (which he misidentified as a poll conducted by the Huffington Post), Sheen told audience members that he beat Obama and Palin.

“[The poll] had me annihilating that lunatic from Alaska,” Sheen said.

Sheen doesn’t, however, seem to view himself as presidential material.

“Some of the conservative polls…it had me beating our president,” Sheen said. “Isn’t that the craziest (expletive) idea ever? Is there anybody in here that would actually (expletive) vote for me?”