Utah Democrats mock Jon Huntsman’s unconventional ads

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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When one makes unconventional videos for an unconventional candidate, it leaves open the door for mockery. Such was the case with Tim Pawlenty’s Hollywood action-adventure ad, and now, such is the case with Jon Huntsman’s odd countdown videos.

On Sunday, the Utah State Democratic Committee released a pitch-perfect parody of Huntsman’s second video, which featured a Jon Huntsman stunt double riding a motorcross bike on a high Utah plateau. Huntsman’s videos included vague facts about the Republican presidential candidate meant to get viewers intrigued about the mystery candidate. (Huntsman campaign releases (final?) teaser video)

The USDC video marked the last day before Huntsman officially announces his candidacy on Monday and features such lines as “… Has reversed positions he took as governor” and  “… Riding away from his record.”


Unfortunately, the parody suffers from the same problems as original series created by political ad-maker, Fred Davis. The USDC video ends with the phrase “Not paid for by Jon Huntsman. Either one of them,” so it’s either taking a shot at Jon Huntsman and his wealthy father or a supposed Gov. Huntsman versus a candidate Huntsman.

While the digs at Huntsman are quick and to the point, the ad is as vague  — if not more so — as the original and can only do so much damage. With such an “unconventional” candidate, however, unconventional responses may be what’s required. The video is a one-off and like Huntsman’s series, web-only.

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