Breitbart: David Brock ‘twitchy and antisocial,’ in cahoots with HuffPo

David Martosko Executive Editor
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On his “Big Journalism” website Wednesday, conservative firebrand and raconteur Andrew Breitbart added some color to the story of Media Matters For America founder David Brock.

Recalling his early years as a research assistant to Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington, Breitbart wrote that Brock exaggerated his tales of lost friendships in connection with his 1997 left-to-right political conversion.

He also recalled how Brock was responsible for “outing” Huffington’s former marriage as a masquerade. Michael Huffington, a former member of Congress, is gay.

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Six months after Brock himself came out of the political closet as a sudden liberal, Breitbart writes, he was a guest at a Christmas brunch hosted by Ms. Huffington. Brock was strange, he remembers, but still well-connected on the political right.

“David Brock was twitchy and antisocial,” Breitbart wrote. “Something was clearly not right with this guy. He was crafting a picture-perfect Sidney Blumenthal-enhanced meta-narrative of a villainous vast right wing conspiracy.”

Of the episode that embarrassed and shamed Huffington, he added that Brock secretly negotiated with her former husband and then-Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz to hurt her publicly.

“This Brock negotiation,” he wrote, “which hit [Brock’s] previous Christmas brunch hostess upside the head like a 2×4, granted the mother of two young girls less than 24 hours to figure out a game plan how to explain to two pre-adolescent kids that their father is gay.”

Ultimately, he observes, “David Brock’s Media Matters for America was created at about the same time and for the same purposes as the Huffington Post,” which “has granted Media Matters carte blanche to post its special brand of David Brock career-enhancing blindly self-motivated political assassinations.”

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