Jack didn’t have to die! [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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What if the greatest movie of all time, “Titanic,” didn’t end as a tragedy, but as a testament to the power of true love?

That didn’t happen, of course, because (spoiler alert!) Jack Dawson dies at the end and it is very sad because Leonardo DiCaprio is very handsome, especially back in those days.

During one of the final scenes of the movie after the ship sinks and everyone is dying and stuff, Jack lets his beloved Rose DeWitt Bukater float safely atop a wooden plank, while his hair turns into ice and his lips turn blue. His body is no longer able to cope with the frigid temperatures, and he floats into the deep, oceanic abyss, never to be seen in again (except in the very end when Rose, as an old lady, dies and reunites with him in the afterlife).

But as it turns out, things didn’t have to happen this way.

According to the myth busters on Discovery Channel’s MythBusters, Jack and Rose could have both fit on the wooden plank, thus saving both of their lives.

While it first appears that both Jamie and Adam won’t be able to comfortably fit on the plank without being mostly submerged in water, they use some MacGyver-style tactics to prove that two out of 1,500 could have been saved that day.

Shame on you, James Cameron.


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