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Not All Muslims beat Israeli filmmaker unconscious at French film festival

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Another day, another act of violence that is completely unrelated to any other act of violence, past or future, ever.

The Commentator:

A group of Arab youths have reportedly attacked an Israeli film director, Yariv Horowitz.

Horowitz, who directed the film “Rock the Casbah” was participating at a film festival in France when he was attacked by a group of Arab youths just before the film won the best film award.

He is reported to have lost consciousness and has been subsequently treated. Horowitz is said to have returned immediately to the festival after treatment. Authorities are estimating that the attack was racially motivated…

After the violent incident, Horowitz’s film won the Special Prize of the Jury for Best Picture.

I’m not sure that winning a prize makes up for being beaten unconscious, but at least it’s something. Good for him, not letting those anti-Semites take away his moment.

Here’s the trailer for Rock the Casbah:

(Hat tip: Jim Hoft)