The 10 states with the easiest bar exams [SLIDESHOW]

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Pepperdine University School of Law professor (and law blogger) Robert Anderson recently put together a list of the most difficult bar exams.

It’s very interesting, and there is real math and regression analysis involved.

Not surprisingly, the notoriously demanding California bar exam sits atop the list followed — for reasons no one could possibly understand — by Arkansas.

But, really, if you feel you must defy the terrible odds and go to law school right now, the last thing you want to do is face some unnecessarily tough hurdle at the end of three years.

No, what you want is an easy bar exam. You want to be welcomed into the legal guild with basically open arms and perhaps even a well-paying and secure job.

With this strategy in mind, The Daily Caller has helpfully scrolled straight down to the bottom of Anderson’s list to bring you a slideshow of the states with the 10 easiest bar exams.

Note that “Alaska, Delaware, and the D.C. bars were omitted because of too few observations” in Anderson’s ranking scheme.

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Eric Owens