Kids at Brown U. get naked, complain about Fox News

Robby Soave Reporter
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Students at Brown University recently held a “nudity week” that drew scrutiny–and oddly enough, approval–from the network they despise: Fox News.

The students, however, quickly became furious that Fox News was covering the event at all, and accused correspondent Jesse Watters of being “exploitative,” “deeply misogynistic,” and reinforcing “ideas that women can’t make their own decisions about their bodies”– all despite the fact that Watters actually approved of the event.

Nudity week — officially titled “Nudity in the Upspace” — was hosted by students and consisted of several, private events including naked yoga and naked body painting. Watters interviewed participants about why they were involved and whether they thought their parents would approve. The segment he filmed about nudity week will air during The O’Reilly Factor on Wednesday.

In an interview with Bill O’Reilly, Watters said that he came around to supporting the event.

“I’m actually pro-nudity week now,” he said. “Okay, I think it’s a positive thing – they persuaded me. I think there’s some value in it.”

Nevertheless, the students condemned Watters and Fox News in a video they made with the help of Brown’s student newspaper, the Brown Political Review.

“I’m not even sure why they are focusing on this when there is a government shutdown,” said a female student named Afia in the video.

Other students were more harshly critical, and called Watters a misogynist for asking questions about the event.

The students also sent Watters a photo of them posing nude with Brown materials covering their private parts, according to Campus Reform.

The university, which was not officially involved in the proceedings, did not immediately respond to a request for comment about whether it thought Fox News had disrespected the students, or vice versa.


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