Microsoft, we have a problem

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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Microsoft launched the Xbox One Friday, and the damage reports are already coming in.

Reserve customers that have been picking up the console since midnight began reporting instances of disc drive failure right out of the box on social media forums and YouTube.


Descriptions and videos show affected consoles making a clicking or grinding noise once a disc is inserted into the Blu-ray drive, where it either fails to load or ejects the disc automatically.

Others have opened up their boxes to find scratched and chipped cases or dings around the edges and ports. Customers can return the systems for refund or replacement, but initial quantities are expected to sell out quickly. Some may have to ship their systems back to Microsoft for replacement.

Not all of the unexpected launch-day news was bad – some users report finding a disc labeled “CONFIDENTIAL” already in the drive upon booting up the system for the first time. As of now the disc won’t load without coupling your Xbox One with a testing device from Microsoft, but efforts are already underway to strip the content off the disc and see if there’s any secret demos or previews of projects to come.

Microsoft has yet to release a statement about the reported problems as of Friday afternoon.

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