Egyptian army ridiculously claims it has cured AIDS and Hepatitis C

Jamie Weinstein | Senior Writer

The Egyptian army declared over the weekend that it cured AIDS and Hepatitis C.

The army claimed in a press release that it has developed “the first system for discovering and treating Hepatitis and AIDS patients.”

“We defeated AIDS, rest assured, we defeated AIDS,” Gen. Dr. Ibrahim Abdel Aaty, the head of the army’s medical team, announced at a press conference, according to a translation.

“I worked along with the research team, which I formed of a group of youth addicted to scientific research,” the good doctor explained.

But that’s not the only bomb that Abdel-Atti dropped at the press conference. He also said he cured Hepatitis C.

“I have only a disease and a patient, give me a patient to treat, and I have no relationship with routines. This is a patient, I treated him. And indeed, I conquered AIDS with the blessing of my Lord, Glory to Him, with a [success] percentage of 100 percent,” he said. “And I conquered the [Virus] ‘C.'”

A CCTV Africa report on the announcement revealed the name of the machine the Egyptian army allegedly uses to cure AIDS. It’s called — presumably in medical terms — “a complete curing device.”

The report also said that the Egyptian army is not going to export the machine overseas because the country wants to benefit from medical tourism.


Considering Egypt is known more for producing terrorist leaders than medical innovation, it’s not surprising that some are skeptical about the army’s alleged medical breakthrough.

“I can find no evidence to support the claims that this device detects hepatitis C or any other viruses as mentioned in the patent, nor any clear theoretical rationale for how it would work,” Emma Thomson, an infectious diseases specialist at the University of Glasgow, told the BBC after the outlet presented her with what it believed to be the patent application.

According to the Egyptian paper Ahram, Egypt has among the highest number of people infected with Hepatitis C in the world.

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