Man Shows Cops His Biceps When Asked About Gun In Home

Seth Richardson Contributor
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Police in Northampton, Mass. responded to a call about a man with a firearm in his possession Monday, but all they received was a ticket to the gun show.

The Boston Globe reports the police responded to the call after a neighbor of the man said he was boasting about having a gun in his house. When police showed up to the address and asked the 53-year-old about the weapon, he said the only guns in his possession were his biceps, all the while flexing for the befuddled officers.

“This isn’t the first time this has happened,” Lt. Allan Borowski said. “We usually just tell him to knock it off, and tell him to stop drinking for the night.”

After a search of the house, police found the man was lying. He also had a water gun on the kitchen table.

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