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TV Hair Of The Day: Bill Cosby Accuser Has An Amazing Hairdo

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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MSNBC trailed out a bunch of Bill Cosby accusers Tuesday afternoon.

Among them was Lily Bernard, who by far has the greatest hairdo of the day. Even WaPo Dave Weigel‘s mustache doesn’t hold a candle to this beast of a hairstyle.

Despite her spectacular do, we cannot forget that Bernard has a serious story to tell: “I hope I am called to testify,” she said of Cosby facing criminal charges for an alleged 2004 sexual assault in Pennsylvania, explaining that Cosby raped and suffocated her after drugging her. “I pray for his soul and that he asks for forgiveness. ..I have not forgotten what he has done to me. I still suffer occasional night terrors.”

Washington Examiner media reporter T. Becket Adams had a loving response to the hairdo, saying on Twitter, “Behold this woman’s magnificence. I want to elope with her hair, and never come back.”