Fox Sports Pundit Hilariously Lampoons Politically Correct People With ‘Privilege Rankings’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Fox Sports pundit and “Out Kick The Coverage” founder Clay Travis is taking some shots at the concept of privilege in America.

Travis, a self-described gay Muslim, released a guide titled, “Outkick’s Definitive Privilege Guide,” where he takes some great shots at the politically correct culture that is consuming America. (RELATED: Sports Analyst UNLOADS On Black Lives Matter)

Here are some of the best parts of his hysterical hot takes on privilege in America.

Hot women:

There is no group of people in America today who benefit more from privilege than hot chicks. 


If you’re really good at a sport you can get away with murder. (Especially if you play for Urban Meyer or lived in Los Angeles). You can get away with rape. (Especially if you play for Jimbo Fisher or Art Briles). And you can get away with sundry other felonies if you play for any coach in America who actually wants to win. 

Tall men:

I hate to break it to you short people, but us tall dudes have parties all the time where you to be at least six feet tall to go inside. Women show up for these parties without clothes on and we just have orgies. 

Clay Travis continues his righteous war against people who are ridiculously politically correct and this might be his best yet.

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