Twitter Puts Roger Stone In Timeout For Baby Slights Against CNN Anchors


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Twitter is incredible.

People are harassed and truly threatened everyday.

But a few CNN anchors are razzed and suddenly that means “threatened” and President Trump loyalist Roger Stone is out on his ass. Twitter officially suspended him Saturday. Some outlets like BuzzFeed and The Hollywood Reporter are saying the ban is for life.

But get a load of this — he says it’s just for three hours and 12 minutes.

“I have been informed that I have been suspended for 3 hours and 12 minutes,” Stone told The Mirror. “While I am uncertain why, sometimes the stark truth offends some people. I’ll be baaaaaak.”

On Friday night, Stone spewed insults at a variety of journalists that included CNN anchors Don Lemon and Jake Tapper. The reasons vaguely included CNN’s reporting on the Clintons and Uranium and Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller filing his first indictments. [RELATED: Jake Tapper is Meshugganah]

Stone also threw mud at liberal NYT columnist Charles Blow, CNN analyst Ana Navarro and The Weekly Standard‘s Editor-at-Large Bill Kristol (for getting fat).

Stone wrote that Lemon and Tapper deserved to be “punished.” He called Lemon a “covsucker” and said he should be “confronted, humiliated, mocked and punished.”

No doubt Tapper did not take his insults lightly. Stone said Tapper “must be held accountable for his lies and very severely punished and concluded his insult by declaring him a — OUCH —  “#Fakenewsasswipe.”

For a serious journalist like Tapper, who spends a hell of a lotta of time on Twitter along with his family pets, that’s gotta sting.

Stone did not specify if their punishments should be in the form of a spanking, a coconut cream pie in the face or a dunk tank. I asked him to clarify about what he meant by “punishments.”

The Mirror will report back when or if he elaborates on that.