It’s A Bold Move To Let Your Kids Trick Or Treat At OJ Simpson’s Residence

REUTERS/Jason Bean

Jena Greene Reporter
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It looks like O.J. Simpson has been living the high life since his prison release.

He’s been whipping around with a fresh new driver’s license, downing Bloody Marys at the local wine bar, golfing, and indiscriminately posing with attractive women.

Tuesday night, he threw on a Bills jersey and handed out candy to the local neighborhood kids for Halloween. Just a regular guy being a guy.

Did I say he threw on a Bills jersey? My mistake. This isn’t a regular guy. This is O.J. Simpson. O.J. wore his own jersey for Halloween, tossed out some signed footballs, took pictures with kids, and generally had himself a good time.

The best part of this is that he doesn’t appear he even passed out any candy. I get that he just got out of prison a few months ago but everyone knows Oct. 31 is Halloween. Always has been. Anybody who’s looking to clean up their image would grab at the opportunity to innocently hand out some confectionaries to little kids in costume. Not O.J.

I legitimately believe that somebody rang his doorbell at 8 p.m. and said trick or treat, and O.J. was like “That’s today? I’m fresh out of Snickers but let me go grab a pigskin.”

Yet everybody still seems to love O.J. It looks like the whole neighborhood was lining up to trick or treat at his house. It’s like Tim Allen or Betty White lives next door. Look at how happy little Batman is posing next to the juice. He even had his mom hold on to his mask so everybody would know he actually met O.J.

Classic O.J., passing out signed footballs for Halloween with zero remorse whatsoever. It’s this kind of persona that gets you out of pretty much anything.