‘He’s Out Of It’: CNN Commentator Brings Up Conyers’ Age [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN commentator Jeffrey Toobin brought up Rep. John Conyers’ age in a discussion about sexual misconduct allegations against the Michigan Democrat Tuesday.


According to a report from Buzzfeed News sourced by Mike Cernovich, Conyers settled a sexual harassment case in 2015.

In a segment about the congressman’s alleged actions Tuesday, CNN’s Toobin said, “Can I, can I just raise another point about John Conyers? He’s 88 years old and anybody who has spent five minutes in congress watching him in action knows he’s out of it. He is not — he is too old to be in congress. He is not up to the job and he is a walking advertisement for term limits.”

“I know the Supreme Court has said they are unconstitutional but it is absolutely outrageous that that man in that condition is getting a salary from the taxpayers to do this job. He is just not capable of being…”

“Well, he was elected,” CNN’s Jim Acosta interrupted, saying, “people of that age in life can serve affectively in congress. I think maybe in the case of John Conyers, it’s not so effectively and it seems that these accusations are so serious that he had to use some of his own funds to settle a case that was brought to the attention of congressional investigators.”

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