Corey Lewandowski Blasts Obama On Syria: He ‘Drew A Line In The Sand Which Meant Nothing’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Corey Lewandowski called former President Barack Obama to the carpet on Saturday morning, telling “Fox & Friends” that the United States would not still be dealing with the Assad regime if Obama had acted when his “red line” was crossed five years ago.

The one-time campaign manager for President Donald Trump called the Syrian strike a smart and decisive move for the president, and noted that a joint action with Great Britain and France further demonstrated to Syria that it wouldn’t just be the U.S. demanding answers for the Assad regime’s actions.

I think the American people wake up today, I think people around the world wake up and thank the United States, Great Britain, and France for standing up to a brutal dictator who was killing his own people with chemical weapons, and they are thankful that the American people and this president is not the previous administration.

And we have now seen, on two separate occasions, that the United States is responding when a brutal dictator decides to kill his own people, there are repercussions.
Then Lewandowski turned on Obama, saying, “The liberals can discuss this all they want, the reason we’re in this situation with Assad is because Barack Obama drew a line in the sand which meant nothing. There were no teeth behind it. The chemical weapons, which were supposed to be a red line in the previous administration, meant nothing. And we’re here today, and people lost their lives in Syria, because the previous administration did nothing to prevent it from happening.”