Chelsea Clinton Hits NYT’s Chozick After Book Makes Hillary Look Bad

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Chelsea Clinton brought out the claws Tuesday on Amy Chozick, a New York Times journalist whose new book reveals a number of unflattering details about Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

Clinton tweeted:

Chozick’s book, written about covering Clinton’s 2016 campaign, reveals that Clinton melted down during a debate prep session in 2016. According to Chozick, Hillary went on a “fuck-laced fusillade about what a ‘disgusting’ human being Trump was and how he didn’t deserve to even be in the arena.” (RELATED: NEW BOOK: Hillary Clinton Went On ‘F**k-Laced’ Tirade Against Trump During 2016 Debate Prep)

Another detail from the book is that Hillary’s “deplorables” remark in fall 2016 was not a one-off, but a well-rehearsed joke she often told her rich friends. (RELATED: BOOK: In Private, Hillary Would Always Say That Trump Supporters Were ‘Deplorable’ During The Campaign)

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