Fox News’ Kennedy Compares North Korea To Lindsay Lohan

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Lisa Kennedy compared North Korea to Lindsay Lohan during a segment of “Outnumbered” on Monday, suggesting that the Trump administration’s efforts on the Korean peninsula amounted to “‘Mean Girls’ diplomacy.”

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham commented over the weekend regarding the possibility that North Korea would pull out of the upcoming summit. “President Trump said he will end it in a win/win way, he thinks that is possible and if they pull out and play him. He will end North Korea’s threat to the American homeland and I will let you surmise what that looks like,” Graham said. (RELATED: Lindsey Graham Levels Existential Threat Against North Korea If Kim Plays Trump)

Kennedy responded to Graham’s remarks, saying that North Korea just doesn’t like being shut out of the conversation. “It’s like ‘Mean Girls’ diplomacy. And South Korea and the United States are talking, they are the ‘Plastics’ and they are keeping North Korea, Lindsay Lohan, on the outside of this conversation.”

Kennedy noted that China had changed the conversation somewhat, but more than likely in pursuit of its own ends. “North Korea changed its tone when China reinserted itself in the dialogue. China wants North Korea dependent on them and they want to control the outcome of the Korean peninsula and South Korea has a different vision for their own strategy and future that doesn’t involve being controlled by China. They have already tasted the free market.”