CNN’s April Ryan, Don Lemon Complain They Don’t Have Secret Service Detail Like Sarah Sanders

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Sarah Sanders and Jim Acosta were in a war of words this week.

Acosta got into a heated argument with Sanders at Thursday’s White House press briefing over Trump’s comments that the media are the “enemy of the people.” Acosta posted videos of Trump supporters mocking and jeering at him earlier in the week at a Trump rally.

On CNN, fellow WH correspondent and CNN contributor April Ryan claimed that Acosta’s life was in danger and complained that reporters did not get Secret Service detail.

On Don Lemon’s show, Ryan accused Sanders of “lying” from the press podium, saying, “That podium is no place to play. You don’t play with words or moments. That’s a serious moment and a serious place. And Jim Acosta’s life – in my opinion — was in jeopardy that night. There was a safety issue.”

Ryan then shrugged off Sarah Sanders getting kicked out and harassed at the Red Hen restaurant last month. “She gets run out of a hen house a couple weeks ago, and gets Secret Service detail,” Ryan said dismissively.

“We don’t have Secret Service detail. This president — President Donald Trump — has stoked the flames for reporters to feel like they are in jeopardy. Their lives are in jeopardy. Their safety is in jeopardy,” Ryan said, before attacking Sanders for getting security herself: “She gets taxpayer-funded security for something that she stokes.”

Lemon said of Sanders getting Secret Service, “They need it, and many journalists need it now because of what this president and this administration has done.”

Ryan then said,  “I’m raising my hand. I’m one of those,” to which Lemon responded, “A lot of us are.”