CNN Hosts Panel Of ‘Independent’ Voters, Only One Is Actually A Registered Independent


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN hosted a panel of five “independent” women on Monday night, but revealed during the segment that only one of the women was actually a registered independent.

“CNN … talks with a group of women in Florida, all independents, about what they make of Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation and whether it has an impact on their midterm vote,” a tweet about the segment said. (RELATED: Trump Voters On CNN Panel Debate If The President Is Racist)

Some of the women were identified in chyrons as “independent voters,” even though reporter Randi Kaye later said that they were registered to a political party.


At least two of the women that CNN spoke to were registered Republicans, and Kaye indicated that a woman named Allysen Kerr was the “only registered independent” on the panel. (CNN’s Jaw Is On The Floor After Asking Democrats In Ohio What They Think Of Trump)

Twitter users who watched the segment seemed bothered by CNN’s deceptive labeling of the women the network interviewed.

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