MSNBC’s Craig Melvin Mocks Liz Warren: ‘I Might Be Just As Native American As She Is’

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin mocked Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s claims to Native American ancestry on Monday, joking that he “might be just as Native American as she is.”

Warren, the Democratic Sen. from Massachusetts, released the results of a DNA test over the weekend that shows she may be somewhere between .09 and 3 percent Native American. The test showed that she has a Native American ancestor 6 to 10 generations back in her family. (RELATED: Genetics Prof Was Unable To Use Native American DNA To Test Liz Warren) 


“Did [Elizabeth Warren] gain anything by putting out the DNA test results?” Melvin asked. “The best I can gather, according to your paper’s reporting, she’s 1/1000th — something like that — I think I might be just as Native American as she is.”

Annie Linskey of the Boston Globe admitted the Native American ancestor is “pretty far back” in Warren’s genetic history. (RELATED: Boston Globe Correction Casts Doubt On Liz Warren’s Ancestry Claims)

“I don’t know who my great great great great grandmother or grandfather is,” Linskey said, adding that this is the first shred of evidence that anyone in Warren’s family was Native American.

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