Cleveland Browns Legend Tells Great Story About An Atrocious Johnny Manziel Practice

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Johnny Manziel apparently had one of the worst practices in the history of the NFL during his time with the Cleveland Browns.

Mike Freeman recently wrote the following in his Bleacher Report column:

It’s a Friday in late 2014, two days before Johnny Manziel is set to make his first NFL start, and the Browns offense is going through its practice. Normally, the Friday sessions are easy for quarterbacks, and they connect on almost all of their throws.

Manziel’s practice was, well, different.

“Apparently, he hadn’t been studying,” said Joe Thomas, the recently retired, soon-to-be Hall of Fame lineman. “He hit two out of 30 passes. I thought, ‘We aren’t going to do that well on Sunday.'”

The Browns lost 30-0 to the Bengals as Manziel threw for 80 yards and two interceptions and recorded a 27.3 passer rating.

This sounds about par for the course when it comes to Johnny Football’s time in Cleveland. It was a train wreck on every single level. It was two years of absolute chaos before he finally was cut by the organization, and he hasn’t played another snap in the NFL since.

Why am I not shocked he wasn’t able to complete passes in a simple practice prior to a game they got blown out in? (RELATED: Reports Are Swirling This NFL Team Should Sign Johnny Manziel)


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The good news is that Manziel actually managed to get this whole thing turned around, which I think was a surprise to many people.

He’s up in the CFL making some money playing the sport that made him famous, and Manziel looked better than I think most casual fans would have expected.

Manziel has come a long way since his days with the Browns.  Now, it’s just time for him to keep grinding it out, getting reps, improving and playing football.

He’s turned a corner, and football fans should be impressed with that fact.

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