Here’s Why Duke Basketball Star Zion Williamson Could Become A Billionaire

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Duke freshman Zion Williamson could end up becoming one of the richest athletes ever.

Williamson has taken the basketball world by storm with his insane highlight reel plays and ability to absolutely fly. Now, some experts think he’s capable of bringing in a billion dollars during his career.

Forbes reported the following:

Williamson is also highly charismatic and appealing, all of which should help him with endorsement deals. All told, the $1 billion figure appears plausible, experts say.

“Over the course of his career, it’s certainly possible if everything falls perfectly,” said Bob Dorfman, a sports marketing expert at Baker Street Advertising. “We know he’s got the game. His head seems screwed on right. He’s poised on camera, articulate, and intelligent. He has the potential for LeBron-esque domination on the court; if he has LeBron-esque ambition in marketing endeavors, $1 billion is within reach.”

Because of his combination of basketball skills and off-the-court attributes, Williamson could end up setting a new standard for how much a basketball player could earn.

You know things are trending in a good direction when experts in the field think you have the same level of ability to earn cash as LeBron James, and I have to agree. Now, I’m not saying Zion is as talented as James. I’m not saying that at all. The only way to find that out is to compare careers once both are retired.

What I do know for sure is Williamson’s ability to garner attention for his freak of nature athleticism is something I haven’t seen since James was in high school. The man just dominates in a way that is beyond words. (RELATED: One Conference Is Dominating The New Form Of College Basketball Rankings)


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His domination on the court is going to open plenty of doors, and that’s where the endorsement money will really start rolling in.

I can’t wait to follow Zion’s career and to see how he does at the next level. Something tells me that he’s going to be just fine, and that he’s going to be cashing massive checks along the way.

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