Trump Doesn’t Hold Back In Response To Graham’s Criticism Over Syria Withdrawal


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President Trump responded via Twitter to South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham’s criticism of his decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria.

“So hard to believe that Lindsey Graham would be against saving soldier lives [and]  billions of [dollars],” Trump tweeted. “Why are we fighting for our enemy, Syria, by staying [and] killing ISIS for them, Russia, Iran & other locals? Time to focus on our Country [and] bring our youth back home where they belong!”

Graham has been a staunch supporter of much of President Trump’s agenda, particularly on border issues and judicial appointments, but the hawkish senator deviated sharply on Wednesday from the prospect of withdrawing U.S. forces from Syria, calling it an “Obama-like mistake.”

“While American patience in confronting radical Islam may wane, the radical Islamists’ passion to kill Americans and our allies never waver,” Graham said via statement. “An American withdrawal at this time would be a big win for ISIS, Iran, Bashar al Assad of Syria and Russia. I fear it will lead to devastating consequences for our nation, the region, and throughout the world.” (RELATED: Laura Ingraham, Jim Jordan Criticize Trump, Republicans On Border Wall Retreat)

President Trump, however, is not without supporters on the issue, including Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

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