SEC Football Fans Melt Down When Their Lack Of High Expectations Is Pointed Out. You Hate To See It!

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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SEC fans apparently don’t have the high expectations they once did.

Auburn blew out Purdue 63-14, and fans below the Mason-Dixon where behaving like they had won the Super Bowl after stomping a Purdue team that was .500 entering the game.

Naturally, I pointed this out on Twitter and lamented the lack of high standards. This is America. We celebrate winning world wars and going to the moon. We don’t celebrate wins in the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl, which is about as easy as getting in your car to drive to the grocery store. (RELATED: The College Football Playoff Begins Saturday. Here’s Everything You Need To Know)

Well, my tweet above went over about as well as a lit barrel of gasoline sitting next to a pile of dynamite. People were pissed. Below are some of the best reactions.

I was laughing so hard when I saw these reactions rolling in. What a sad and pathetic state of affairs down south. We went from being told every single SEC team expects a national title to being in a situation where fans are happy with beating a bad Big Ten team that was barely bowl eligible.

Congrats, Auburn! You managed to beat the same team Eastern Michigan beat earlier in the year. What an incredible accomplishment! When is the parade? I don’t want to miss it after such a big win.


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You can hate me all you want, but you have to admit that I’m as consistent as they come. When the Badgers made the Pinstripe Bowl, I made it clear that it wasn’t acceptable and that I might boycott.

I didn’t run around pretending that it was some massive accomplishment future generations would talk about it. It was a horrific year, and we can’t let it happen again.

I guess football must simply matter more to us in the Big Ten, and I suppose we expect excellence. That’s the difference between men and boys.

Boys feel good when their mothers pat them on the backs and tell them they did a good job. Men don’t feel satisfied until they’ve built empires and paved the roadways with the bones of their enemies. For a true winner, the grind never stops.

For guys in the SEC, it apparently ends after losing five games and then beating Purdue. Pathetic.

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