Tucker Chastises Rick Wilson For Calling Trump’s Base ’10-Tooth’

Tucker Carlson (Fox News 1/4/2019)

Mike Brest Reporter
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Tucker Carlson devoted a segment on his show Friday night to condemning anti-Trump GOP strategist Rick Wilson for labeling President Donald Trump’s base as “10-Tooth” the day before.

Wilson’s comments came during his appearance on “CNN Tonight With Don Lemon” won Thursday. (RELATED: Rick Wilson Claims That Trump Spends His Time ‘Hoovering Up Rails Of Adderall’)


“Now, [Rick] Wilson is a semi-obscure consultant who has held just enough low-level political jobs that cable television producers can bill him as a Republican strategist,” Carlson began. “Wilson seems to spend most of his life opining in one of those six-guest shout-fests in boxes that the other channel specializes in.”

He continued, “He is often shouting the loudest. What makes Wilson notable is — like so many on the Left — he moved on from hating Trump to hating the people who voted for Trump, which is to say a lot of the country.”

Carlson then aired the clip of Wilson on CNN from Thursday night.

Wilson tweeted out his response to an email from Carlson’s show. It reads: “Spare me the phony drama. This is just one Moore example of how the MAGA tough guy crowd are the most delicate, whiny, punk-ass PC snowflakes ever created. They trash talk everyone else, and love Trump’s constant insults, vulgarities, and divisiveness but the minute the heat gets turned up they run to Mommy.”

Carlson continued:

“Imagine mocking people who can’t afford to fix their rotting teeth. There are a lot of people like that in this country still, and many of them did vote for Donald Trump in the hope he would care about them or not rub their faces in their own poverty. What a cruel and awful thing to say. Did it ever occur to Rick Wilson that people are losing their teeth might benefit from cheaper dental care? Maybe Washington could help with that? But no, it’s easier to make fun of them and get rich doing it, something that Wilson specializes in.

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