Warren Accuses Schultz Of Trying To ‘Buy The Presidency’


William Davis Contributor
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Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is turning up the heat on former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz as the latter mulls an Independent run for president in 2020.

Warren ripped Schultz on Tuesday morning for trying to “buy the presidency,” after Schultz slammed her “wealth tax” proposal as “ridiculous.” (Elizabeth Warren Rolls Out A Tax Plan On The Super Wealthy)

Warren responded by tweeting, “What’s ‘ridiculous’ is billionaires who think they can buy the presidency/ The top 0.1 percent who’d pay my [wealth tax] own about the same wealth as 90 percent of America. It’s time for change.”

Schulz is considering a White House run as an Independent despite being a lifelong Democrat, saying his former party has moved too far Left.

Schultz’s potential run has left many liberals worried that his candidacy will split the anti-trump vote and help re-elect President Donald Trump in 2020. Some have already voiced their disapproval of the potential candidate on Twitter:

It’s not only Democrats, however, who have ripped a potential Schultz run. President Trump tweeted that the Starbucks mogul doesn’t have the “guts” to run for the nation’s highest office:

For her part, Warren has already announced that she is launching a presidential exploratory committee and is widely considered a front-runner for the Democratic nomination in 2020.

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