CNN Commentator: Trump Is ‘The Antithesis Of Jesus’

CNN 1/30/2019

Mike Brest Reporter
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A CNN commentator went on a rant on the network Wednesday night in response to White House press secretary Sarah Sanders saying that “God wanted Trump to become president.”

Sanders made the comment during an interview with the Christian Broadcast Network earlier in the day.

Maria Cardona was on CNN to discuss the press secretary’s comments alongside Scott Jennings.


“Maria, do you think she’s right? This is what God wanted?” Burnett asked.

“Well, if [God] did, it’s because he wanted to punish us for taking our democracy for granted and for not ensuring that every person went out there to vote and this is what we got,” Cardona answered. “Look, I listened to the whole excerpt of the interview in terms of what’s available and one huge word jumped out at me, Erin, hypocrisy. There was so much hypocrisy in what Sarah Sanders talked about.” (RELATED: Sanders Issues Warning To Reporters)

She continued, “The bottom line is that I can’t imagine that God would put or would want somebody to be the commander in chief, somebody who doesn’t understand the word truth, the word honesty, the word humility, the word integrity, the word honor, the word forgiveness. I mean I could go on and on about how this president is actually the antithesis of Jesus Christ’s teachings and anything real Christians would put on the table.”

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