Tucker’s Guest Says ‘The Technology Doesn’t Exist’ To Implement The ‘Green New Deal’

(Fox News 1/31)

Mike Brest Reporter
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The executive director of an organization dedicated to spreading information about the country’s use of energy appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Thursday. He suggested that implementing the “Green New Deal” on the timeline it calls for is not feasible.

The “Green New Deal” is a piece of draft legislation to create a committee to come up with a plan to completely shift the U.S. off of fossil fuels within 10 years. The plan also calls for a host of social welfare programs.

Daniel Tucker, the executive director of Power the Future, discussed the implementation of the deal. (RELATED: Trump Wishes For ‘Good Old Fashioned Global Warming’ As Deep Freeze Hits US East)


“You are hearing an increasing number of people and I want to be open-minded about this but say we are going to get rid of all fossil fuels in the United States and switch to something called renewables in a dozen years. Could we do that?” Carlson asked.

Turner responded:

Not at all. The technology doesn’t exist right now. I’m optimistic. We may get there one day but right now here’s a case in point. The largest solar farm in the nation does not produce enough kilowatts to power the New York City subway system. And that farm is 4,000 acres, which is five times the size of Central Park. So when Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says we are going to power the entire country on renewables there just isn’t the land to come up with the solar farm or the wind necessary to have these renewables. So the science just does not equate to how we run our economy.

“What are they saying exactly? We are going to do this but there is no science to back up that promise so why are they saying it?” Carlson followed up.

“This is all part of the 2020 presidential campaign. Everyone who has run has come out in favor of a ‘Green New Deal’ with one exception who’s Michael Bloomberg. And he a complete environmentalists,” Turner answered. “He has given tens of almost close to $200 million just to the Sierra Club alone to fight coal. He has said this is a pie in the sky. He realizes the ‘Green New Deal’ is not a policy proposal whatsoever.”

He continued, “How it powers every single thing we do from agriculture to manufacturing to transportation every part of our economy is dependent on cheap, reliable, abundant and domestic energy, it frees us from the shackles of international conflict.”

As Turner mentioned, many Democrats have expressed their support for the deal that’s mostly being pushed by Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who also recently launched an exploratory presidential committee, supported the “idea” of a “Green New Deal,” though she didn’t fully endorse the proposal. Similarly, Sen. Kamala Harris announced her support for the plan during a town hall on Monday.

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