Joy Behar Tries To Call Trump Soft On Russia — Abby Huntsman Makes Her Regret It

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar tried to claim during a segment of ABC’s “The View” Tuesday that President Donald Trump has been soft on Russia — and co-host Abby Huntsman fired back immediately.


Behar, previewing what might be to come in Tuesday’s State of the Union Address, argued that it didn’t make sense for Trump to talk about the “security issues” at the southern border while backing out of treaties, as he did with Russia.

“This will be the first time you see the House Speaker do a spit take,” Behar began. “When he’s spewing his lies and how he’s going to save the world and there [are] security issues at the border. Meanwhile, he just dropped a nuclear deal. So, Russia and the United States are now going to be in an arms race again. Isn’t he great?” (RELATED: Joy Behar Defends ‘SNL’ Over Joke Taking Aim At Wounded Navy SEAL)

Abby Huntsman jumped in immediately, hinting that she wasn’t so sure Behar had a firm grasp of what was actually going on with regard to Russia.

“The Russia deal, Joy, was Russia following through on that deal? Was that something we should have kept? … It’s far more complicated than that. With the Russia treaty, I would actually argue … that he’s tougher by getting rid of it because Russia has been taking advantage of us on that treaty deal for years and years. No president has been strong enough to say, ‘Let’s get out of it.'”

Sunny Hostin interrupted, stating firmly, “No one can argue that this president has been tough on Russia.”

But Huntsman, whose father Jon Huntsman currently serves as the U.S. Ambassador to Russia, wasn’t biting. “Are you being sarcastic now? She’s being sarcastic.”

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