Carson Wentz Says Some Stories About Problems With The Eagles ‘Don’t Line Up’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz continued to discuss potential problems with the team in a recent interview.

There had been a report earlier in the season that Wentz wasn’t the greatest teammate and was “selfish.” He recently hit back but admitted he could have been a better teammate. Now, he’s digging even deeper claiming that some of what has been reported “didn’t quite line up” with his memory. (RELATED: Eagles Teammates Say Carson Wentz Is ‘Selfish’)

Wentz said the following during a Thursday appearance on SportsRadio 94WIP, according to CBS Philly:

To some extent, I think some of the stories didn’t quite line up with what I remember or envision at all. But, just in a nutshell, I was like OK if someone did have these issues or whatever. I would have loved to have just talked about it with them. But, obviously that’s not the case, so I’ll just try and learn from it and be a better teammate and be a better player, better person because of it. I’m not going to let it drastically change me or affect me by any means.

I simply don’t understand the strategy from Wentz here. Why does he continue to talk about this issue? With Nick Foles getting moved out of town, it would seem like a good idea to just keep your mouth shut.

Now, this is the second time the young gunslinger has opened up about reported problems, and this time, he didn’t even provide specifics. What doesn’t line up? If you’re going to talk, then provide some details.

I just don’t get it. The media cycle doesn’t last forever. If he just shut the hell up, people would eventually find something more interesting.

Instead, the very talented quarterback just keeps talking.

It just doesn’t make much sense at all. Wentz must be insanely bothered by reports that he’s a bad teammate. That’s the only reason I can think of for why he keeps running his mouth.

Somebody in the Eagles has to get to this guy and tell him the time for sharing his thoughts is officially over. It just has to be done!


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There’s nothing good that will come from Wentz just continuing to talk and talk. It will only draw more attention, and it won’t be positive attention.