‘SNL’ Lampoons Border Wall Deal With Giggly, Gloating ‘Chuck And Nancy’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“Saturday Night Live” delivered a sketch mocking President Donald Trump for signing a deal that will keep the government open, arguing that he ultimately lost.


The sketch began with the news anchor (Colin Jost) claiming that Democrats had won a decisive victory but had decided not to gloat. Joined by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (Alex Moffat) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Kate McKinnon), he asked them why that was. (RELATED: ‘SNL’ Sketch Features The Women Of Congress — Leaves Out Every Single Republican)

“Many are saying you ran rings around the president in the wall negotiation and yet you’ve decided not to gloat?” he asked.

“What is there to gloat about? I mean the president is a very tough negotiator,” Moffat explained.

“We are devastated with the outcome,” McKinnon added.

They then appeared to take a moment to fat-shame the president.

“I mean the truth is, Colin, the president ate our lunch,” Moffat said.

“He ate our lunch, he ate his lunch, he ate all the lunches,” McKinnon continued. “He likes lunch.”

Jost interjected then, referencing the recently-signed deal. “Now the president came away with a lot less money — a lot less — guys, no gloating,” he warned. “He came away with a lot less money than he asking for. He only a fraction of his wall money.”

“What? Colin, are you sure about that? Geez Louise, it must have been a big fraction, right?” McKinnon asked.

“It was only 2.3 percent of the total amount you need,” Jost stated.

It wasn’t long before they dropped all pretense and went ahead with the gloating. “We wanted something, sure, but he gave us everything,” Moffat laughed.

“Daddy tough, Colin, daddy real tough,” McKinnon said, punctuating her remark with a clap reminiscent of Pelosi’s SOTU golf clap.

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